Deliver an emerging and value-added service to your customers

Integration Partners

The DigitalBits Network is supported by an ecosystem of technology partners, integrators, service providers, and businesses. As an integrator, you have the opportunity to deliver an emerging and value-added service to your customers.

Integrators can benefit from joining the DigitalBits Ecosystem in a variety of ways including:

  • Hosting and data center integration
    Hosting and data center providers can provide their enterprise and application service provider customers with an opportunity to utilize the DigitalBits distributed ledger technology.
  • Blockchain deployment and integration services
    Provide deployment and integration services related to connecting businesses to the DigitalBits Network.
  • Blockchain consulting
    Drive business transformation for your clients with strategic architecturing, education, and development services. Help enterprises differentiate their businesses by integrating with the DigitalBits technology and blockchain network.


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