Wallet & Custody Providers

Integrate your wallet and custody solutions with the DigitalBits blockchain

Wallet & Custody Providers

The DigitalBits Network is supported by an ecosystem of technology companies, integrators, service providers and businesses. As a Wallet & Custody Provider, you will be able to tap into the growing need for efficient, user-friendly solutions to asset storage and movement.

Wallet & Custody Providers can benefit from joining the DigitalBits ecosystem in a variety of ways including:

  • Established Ecosystems

    Today’s branded currencies account for billions of dollars in value, held across millions of unique users. As branded ecosystems migrate to blockchain, there will be a massive need for solutions that can safely and efficiently store and facilitate movement for tokenized assets.

  • Wide Variety of Users

    From enterprise level service providers to retail consumers, various different parties with equally diverse security needs may interact with the DigitalBits blockchain through branded cryptocurrencies and other tokenized assets. Wallet providers will be able to provide for these unique requirements.


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