Technology & Integration Providers

Integrate your new/existing technology with the DigitalBits blockchain

Technology & Integration Providers

The DigitalBits Network is supported by an ecosystem of technology companies, integrators, service providers, and businesses. As a technology company, you have the ability to integrate your new/existing technology product or service with the DigitalBits Network.

Technology companies can benefit from joining the DigitalBits Ecosystem in a variety of ways including:

  • Product integration

    Developers can integrate their product, service or tool into the DigitalBits blockchain network. This can include wallets, payment processing, loyalty and rewards applications and more.

  • Rewards and loyalty applications

    Technology partners with software applications that support businesses with rewards and loyalty programs can further enhance their offering by integrating with the DigitalBits distributed ledger technology. By offering the option to tokenize existing digital assets like rewards when using your software application integrated with this blockchain technology, you are providing loyalty program operators with the opportunity to enhance liquidity, portability and the perceived value of their loyalty points.


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