Registry & Research

Provide feedback and analysis for users of the DigitalBits ecosystem

Registry & Research

The DigitalBits Network is supported by an ecosystem of technology companies, integrators, service providers and businesses. As a Registry/Research company, you will have the ability to provide feedback and analysis of operations that occur on the DigitalBits network, inclusive of asset tokenization and authentication of counterparties leveraging the network.

Registry & Research companies can benefit from joining the DigitalBits Ecosystem in a variety of ways including:

  • Point of Reference

    Providing an essential point of reference for entities both using and exploring use of the DigitalBits blockchain

  • Mass Market

    Branded currencies account for billions of dollars in value, held in the pockets of millions worldwide. As these assets begin to migrate to blockchain, research and registry companies will provide clarity for users at all levels, enabling them to confidently engage with the DigitalBits network and the assets that exist within it.

  • Emerging Asset Subcategory

    Branded stablecoins have been actively explored by some of the worlds largest brands, such as Facebook and Walmart. As DigitalBits tackles this emerging asset subcategory, research and registry companies will be able to issue first-of-its-kind solutions in the form of a skew for branded stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, become a hub for users of all levels (consumers, merchants, enterprise, brands etc.)


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