Payment Solutions

Integrate your payment solution with the DigitalBits blockchain

Payment Solutions

The DigitalBits Network is supported by an ecosystem of technology companies, integrators, service providers and businesses. As a Payment Solution, you will be able to facilitate payments utilizing the XDB token and/or other tokenized assets on the DigitalBits blockchain, such as rewards points and branded stablecoins.

Payment Solutions can benefit from joining the DigitalBits Ecosystem in a variety of ways including:

  • Fast, low-cost payments

    DigitalBits allows for relatively faster and cheaper transactions than both traditional payment systems and today’s blockchain solutions. Payment solutions that integrate with DigitalBits will benefit from fast confirmation times (2-5 seconds), and reduced transaction fees (each transaction is subject to a minimal fee of 0.00001 XDB). This can also facilitate remittances, which are currently subject to long wait times and high fees.

  • Enhance Consumer Perceived Value

    DigitalBits decentralized exchange utilizes multi-hop technology, allowing most trades to be completed even in the absence of a direct market. Consumers will be able to leverage a multitude of digital assets, inclusive of branded currencies such as loyalty points and rewards, in a way that resembles digital cash.

  • Increased Flexiblility for Merchants, Brands, and Enterprise

    DigitalBits may host a variety of different assets, enabling a number of choices when transacting. This not only allows consumers to better harness the value of their digital assets, but gives recipients (merchants, enterprises, brands) the ability to accept a wider range of payment options.


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