Business Inquiries

Tokenize your digital assets

Business Inquiries

The DigitalBits Network is supported by an ecosystem of technology partners, integrators, service providers, and businesses. As a business, you have the opportunity to utilize the DigitalBits blockchain for: the tokenization of digital assets (such as loyalty points), micropayments and remittances; and/or on-chain cross-asset trading. Businesses can benefit from joining the DigitalBits Ecosystem in a variety of ways including:

  • Tokenizing existing assets (such as loyalty points)

    Business partners are able to to create digital tokens (e.g. loyalty points) on the DigitalBits Network that can be traded on-chain.

  • Tokenizing a new digital asset

    In addition to tokenizing current assets, business partners can create new digital assets on the DigitalBits Network.

  • Becoming an Anchor

    Businesses can partner as anchors with the DigitalBits Network. Anchors act as a bridge between existing currencies or other off-chain assets, and the DigitalBits Network.

  • Facilitating payments and remittances

    Businesses can utilize a secure and low-cost global transaction network (the “DigitalBits Network”) to facilitate fast micropayments and remittances.


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