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The DigitalBits Project



Today’s loyalty and rewards industry is still stuck in the 1.0 era. The market is ripe for change.

The vision for The DigitalBits Project is to see the DigitalBits blockchain technology usher in the next phase of Loyalty 3.0 programs, help solve certain portability and liquidity issues with many Loyalty and Rewards programs, and help generate additional value for consumers, businesses and certain charitable organizations.

The DigitalBits blockchain network is for anyone to use, including enterprises with loyalty and rewards programs.  Anyone is able to create digital assets (also known as digital tokens) that are 100 percent portable/transferable on this decentralized network. When enterprises tokenize their loyalty points on this network, consumers will receive points in the form of digital tokens.

Furthermore, users can trade these various digital tokens (e.g. token A for token B) directly on-chain along with the blockchain’s native digital asset called “digitalbits” or XDB. The decentralized DigitalBits Network requires no centralized middlemen to impose excessive fees. Transfers take only a few seconds and require only a nominal fee.


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